What did you all get in your mock exams?

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Hey, just wondering anyone who has recently done their GCSE mock exams, or anyone who has previously done them, what did you get? And do they mean anything?

I did mine in Decemeber and I got:

A- Art



A-Geography (1 mark off an A*)

A-English (1 mark off an A*)

B- French

A*- Religious education (100%!!!)

I'm also doing other exams, but these were the only ones we did mocks for.

I was actually a bit dissapointed with some of my results, I am predicted all A's and A*'s, and I'm starting to doubt I will achieve this. Do mocks really mean anything? I'm a bit worried:(

Posted Mon 30th April, 2012 @ 21:49 by lalala
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Mock exams aren't really that important since it's not the real thing. They just give you an idea of how it's really going to be. also they help, like your teacher can know your strengths and weaknesses. 

Answered Mon 30th April, 2012 @ 21:53 by LP-FTW
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I think what LP-FTW said was correct. Remember when you did the mock test only you know how you felt when asnwering the questions....not the teacher. These mocks allow teacers to find out what students are finding difficult and the only way they know is if students go up to them and tell them. So any queries ask your teacher because then he/she can style the lesson to fit a revision purpose for the class..

Finally you know what you got for your mocks......The ones which you got high grades still need to be revisited not only the ones which you thought were done poorly. This is because if you neglect the subject you are good at then in return it could be very disastrous druing exams, so equal revision on the ones you did good and the others a bit more than usual. Other than that exposed yourself to more past papers and gud luck for your exams


Answered Tue 1st May, 2012 @ 07:36 by Braniac
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ma teacherz lyk if sme1 *** mke it 2 da exam cos somat happend e.g. ((lyk death in family)) den da mck results wud be used instead

iz dt true??? =D

Answered Tue 1st May, 2012 @ 17:21 by Sabah x
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Here's mine:

  • English-A
  • English Lit- A
  • Maths-B
  • Science-B
  • RE-A
  • Spanish-B
  • History-A*
  • Geography-A*
Answered Tue 1st May, 2012 @ 17:35 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR