What can I do to achieve an A* in OCR A level Maths?

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So I'm currently on an A and I realise that I must get 90% in both Core 3 and 4 to get an A* overall- what I want to know is how can I do this (:

Posted Fri 5th April, 2013 @ 20:50 by Hannah

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Hi there, I'm aiming for an A* too in Maths A Level, and as you have already pointed out, you need an average fo 90% or more on core 3 and 4 to get the A*, so just work as hard as you can seen as Core 4 is the hardest. Maths requires a lot of time and effort put in to achieve those high grades which I'm sure your putting in already seen as your on an A. What I would suggest is if you've already taken the Core 3 exam in January, then sit down with your teacher and work out what mark roughly you need to get in the exam, this will give you a much better indication of where you are at. However if you haven't, don't worry, just continue revising and making sure that you comprehend everything you've learnt and apply it to the questions. However, one final advice would be to make sure you are meticulous in your work, especially in the exam - look over what you have written down as your answer in the exam, and go through the questions, checking what you have written if you have time, because sometimes the papers do try to trick you out. For example, there was a question which if I had not checked back over it, I would have lost two marks, although it's only two marks, these marks really count when you want that A*. So happy revising!! :D

Answered Sun 7th April, 2013 @ 20:35 by Aimee