What are your predicted grades?

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So what are your predicted grades for German then? Mines an A but I find it really hard so need help!

Posted: 18-01-10 21:14 by Agnes

My Predicted Grade WAS An A But Then I Totally Messed up In My Oral Mock Exam And Ended Up With A D. :[ I Really Really Need Help Wih Coursework Vocabulary And Sentence Structures.

Thanks x


Posted: 21-01-10 21:47 by Sara

I messed up in my listening and reading exam but I got an A in my oral :)

Posted: 21-01-10 22:10 by Agnes

Ich hoffe, dass ich ein A* bekommen wurde aber es ist schwer, deutsch zu lernen. x

Posted: 08-03-10 13:33 by Pose

A* :) I got an A in the mock, I wasn't far off from A*, but the speaking was what held me back slightly! :P

Posted: 06-04-10 19:34 by Jenny

i hate the speaking.. so much to learn! mines an a :) x

Posted: 07-04-10 15:38 by natalie

Mines an A, but tbh im dreading the listening :|

Posted: 20-04-10 19:17 by Victoria Haines

I'm predicted an A, in my mock listening&reading i got not far off A*'s and i get A*'s for speaking, but my writing brings me down to an A :/

Posted: 13-02-11 08:59 by Harriet

mines an A too and is at the moment with my speaking and writing already been sent to the exam board but really needs help with vocab :)

Posted: 30-03-11 18:18 by Nicola Curtis

wow, you guys must all be good!

for GCSE i got an A grade, but now my AS predicted grade is a C!

it's soooo difficult compared to last year.

i used to be able to get A* in reading and listening exams, but in my AS mock I got D! :(

Posted: 21-04-11 22:17 by Charlotte

Mine was an A, went to a B :L sillllyyy!!

Posted: 14-05-11 15:18 by Emma

I'm an A* I think  but very nervous for the exams x

Posted: 03-06-11 15:16 by Lottie

an A but got A* in all my exams so :L 

@ Charlotte - is a lot of AS german just grammar? i'm taking french, german and spanish!

Posted: 08-06-11 13:39 by Kelly:)