What are your favourite crisps??? 

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Sensations thai sweet chili .......

Or, anything cheesy (wotsits, quavers, doritos, kettle chips)

Love talking to random strangers about food, best ever :D

Posted: 27-03-12 20:51 by R_Hall

i luv da big dorrito cool originals

Posted: 27-03-12 21:29 by aliimz

lol Poodles :P

I totally agree with Rowan.... anything cheesy flavoured ^_^

LOL Allimz... doritos ;)

Posted: 28-03-12 09:51 by Fyzah :p

The only flavoured crisps I can eat without feeling like I am gonna puke is cheese and onion.

I am really bored sitting in the library. i am supposed ot be in Science but I have finished it and have nothing better to do. Yay revising

Posted: 02-05-12 14:46 by Sonikkuruzu

Thai sweet chilli sensations r goood :) i like salt and vinegar too :P

I cant stand cheese and onion -_- sorry 

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Posted: 02-05-12 17:34 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

mmmm i luv sensations =D

Posted: 02-05-12 17:44 by Sabah x