What are your favourite crisps??? 

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lol xD

I prefer the cheese and onions ones :P

Posted: 27-03-12 11:32 by Fyzah :p

You cant beat readt salted frisps :')

Posted: 27-03-12 11:35 by Fay Williams

... frisps??

Are they like discos??

((i'm so stupid :P))

Posted: 27-03-12 11:57 by Fyzah :p

Yeah. Well a little. They are like McCoys. They are all crinkly :')

Posted: 27-03-12 12:56 by Fay Williams

lol xD I love crinkly crisps so much <3 ((they're so beautiful :'] ))

Posted: 27-03-12 12:57 by Fyzah :p

Agreed. They are so crunchy :D

Posted: 27-03-12 12:58 by Fay Williams

i know... McCoys are the best ((but they're really saltly.... i'm tryna be healthy :P LOL xD))

Posted: 27-03-12 13:00 by Fyzah :p

Skips only have 82 calories! :D

Posted: 27-03-12 13:01 by Fay Williams

yummy yummy ^_^

Posted: 27-03-12 13:01 by Fyzah :p

lol xD But they don't have that crunch that mcCoys have... and they make your tounge go all tingly :P

((i'm so fussy :P))

Posted: 27-03-12 13:03 by Fyzah :p

Hey Fay.... i've just noticed that you've made your account today :D

Welcome to the family ^_^

Posted: 27-03-12 13:05 by Fyzah :p

Thank you >.< Much love! Nom! McCoys! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted: 27-03-12 13:53 by Fay Williams

lol xD

I'm so bored :/

Posted: 27-03-12 13:54 by Fyzah :p

it has to be cheese and onion flavoured :D

Posted: 27-03-12 13:56 by flower123

Im bored too! Am in a lesson :P

Posted: 27-03-12 13:57 by Fay Williams

lol xD

I know :3

You're one of the few people (along with Meghna) who understands my love for cheese and onions crisps ^_^

Posted: 27-03-12 13:58 by Fyzah :p

I am in ICT. Always fun. Cheese and Onion are ok, but y'know they have to be walkers.

Posted: 27-03-12 13:59 by Fay Williams

Walkers are the best :D

I'm in the library ((almost at the end of my double free .... had lunch time inbetween... so annoying :P))

Posted: 27-03-12 14:01 by Fyzah :p

They are. But not as good as Frisp's. Just saying. Awww. Well this is my last lesson of the day. Go home at 3.05 :D

Posted: 27-03-12 14:05 by Fay Williams

 my last lesson's gonna start in 5 mins ((i leave at 3:15 -_- so late :P))

Posted: 27-03-12 14:10 by Fyzah :p

Eugh. Thats just unlucky. Real unlucky. Well I am going to go home and chill :D

Posted: 27-03-12 14:12 by Fay Williams

Bye.... got sociology now -- ((my teacher annoys me))

anyway.. have fun ^^

Posted: 27-03-12 14:15 by Fyzah :p

crisp falvoured crisps :D

Posted: 27-03-12 14:30 by Firas Hassoun

apparently theres pizza flavoured noodles :O

i know this isnt crisps but i needed to say that


Posted: 27-03-12 15:54 by M

pizza and noodles= poodles

Posted: 27-03-12 19:58 by aliimz