What are your favourite crisps??? 

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wow Leah, that was deep ^-^

LOL xD Meghna.... i had a teacher that was physics/ chemstry mad with loads of random facts that led to tangents :p (((i also hate physics.. especially the equations... but i think the whole universe thing is sooo interesting :D))))

Posted: 10-03-12 21:17 by Fyzah :p

lol ! Our mad physics teacher, when she was teaching chemistry she would make comments like I have no I dea what the pojnt of this is, and limestone, the most boring thing every. Especially in biology , she didn't even bother pronouncing animals latin names and said they were stupid and utterly useless, and ghat biologists have to make evrything sound complicared !

Posted: 11-03-12 11:50 by Meghna

Lol, don't ya just love teachers :D

i had a science teacher who, when you sed ' i don't hav any idea' or 'i dunno' he would say...'well if you did no, what would you say?'

ha, the amount of times i would argue with him that if i did no i wouldn't be having the conversation :)

He was a brill teacher though :D

Posted: 11-03-12 12:24 by Leah

lol my teacher was just.... weird :P

he make this funy hand gesture (((flapped his hand up and down))) to show how particles vibrate in the air!! LOLOLOLXD

Posted: 12-03-12 11:31 by Fyzah :p

lmao thats too funny!!!! pahahaa! :P

Posted: 12-03-12 17:48 by M

reminds me of my geo teacher , he made up a dance with his hands to show how tectonic plates move... he's pretty old, but cool :) lol

Posted: 12-03-12 18:09 by Meghna

How did this discussion move from crisps to teachers? XD

Posted: 12-03-12 18:10 by Meghna

lol xD My geography teacher was really fat and stupid and he always used to sit in his computer seat by his computer and my friend said she saw him on chatlines..... and he always used to talk about his 'lady friends' and we were like:

"sir you don't have any friends... get over it... BTW, you said you were married :P"


Posted: 13-03-12 11:38 by Fyzah :p

Lol, you lot crack me up :D

Posted: 13-03-12 16:18 by Leah

:D hahahhaha... His name was Mr Thomas.... i think he was s perve ... he always used to stare at me when i was in year 7 and 8.. :/((should i be worried :P))

Posted: 14-03-12 09:55 by Fyzah :p



Posted: 14-03-12 18:03 by Meghna

O,o definitely Wotsits all the way! The cheesy melt in your mouth... YUM :D

Posted: 14-03-12 19:06 by Evie

Awkward place to write this - my geo teacher was a perve too

Gross :P

Posted: 14-03-12 22:51 by Leah

lol our ICT technician is dodgy too...i think every skool is dodge in some way or another..like tom jones song

"its not unusual to be perved upon...."

Posted: 15-03-12 10:59 by M

omg!!! you're so effin hilarious ;)

Posted: 15-03-12 11:33 by Fyzah :p

hahaha thanks fyzah :P

Posted: 15-03-12 11:43 by M

you're welcome agent M :D

Posted: 15-03-12 13:04 by Fyzah :p

Salt & vinegar

Posted: 21-03-12 17:17 by Nathan

yummy yummy :p

i love it when you open a packet of salt and vinger and the smell just hits you ^_^

Posted: 22-03-12 09:05 by Fyzah :p

i have the same feeling with monster munch flamin hot and thai sweeet chilli crisps too

Posted: 22-03-12 18:00 by M

Monster munch... does anyone remember the ones that changed the colour of your tounge???

I love transformers crisps..... but why have they changed from being 20p to being 25p.... 0_o

Posted: 23-03-12 10:35 by Fyzah :p

:O how can i not know that there were crisps that changed the colour of ur tongue...thats cool!!

haha yeah i still eat those..dont forget tangy toms :P

Posted: 23-03-12 17:16 by M

Fyzah i have 2 pay 30p so ur's is better but i luv saucy barbecque

Posted: 23-03-12 17:41 by aliimz

lol xD

aww poor allimz... i buy you some :3 ((btw, i've never seen saucy bbq :P))

lol agent M... i <3 Tangy toms :P

Posted: 26-03-12 11:29 by Fyzah :p

thnz i want it delivered I'll give u da money if dat counts

dont worry saucy barbeque is alright but ive changed to da spicy flavor

Posted: 26-03-12 18:11 by aliimz