what are you stuck on?

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i can not get my head around the topic stress and i would really like it if someone told me a easy and simple way to uderstand it but to also remember it?

thanks a lots

Posted: 21-04-10 15:19 by Quincy

i know! i agreee trying to remember all the cases studies? my memory isnt that good! let me know if someone comes up with a solution please?

thank youu

Posted: 22-04-10 22:35 by jessica

Which bit are you stuck on? I'm also stuck, its on the drug therapy bit. I'm confused with how it works! Anyone knows a good source? thanks.

Posted: 24-04-10 10:59 by Hannah B

human memory, its very ironic that i can't seem to remember half of it..

Posted: 13-02-11 11:00 by Katie Fisher

hi everyone, I think the hardest topic of psychology so far for me has been Memory

Posted: 06-04-11 14:34 by Rosalyne Norford