what are the time scales on the timetable eg early AM etc as a time bracket ?

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i can't work out what he times are don't want to be revising the same subject for 3 hour for example

Posted Wed 29th February, 2012 @ 08:23 by antonia chennells

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Hey, I think the time scales are set as 3 hours each to be honest, unfortunately.

  • Early AM - 6am
  • Late AM - 9am
  • Early PM 12pm
  • Late PM 3pm
  • Early Evening 6pm
  • Late Evening 9pm

You don't necessarily need to revise for three hours each - no one can really revise for that long per subject in one go, its too much work for your brain and also you really start to lose interest sooner. I think you should study one subject for between 45 mins - 1 hour.

Also bear in mind when you create your timetable that you need to allow space for SCHOOL (i would say between Early AM - Early PM because otherwise you miss out on a revision session) and on the weekend for Early AM i put in 'Lie-In'. We girls need our beauty sleep!

Look at your term dates and eliminate SCHOOL from Half-term holidays, Study Leave and Bank Holidays, etc. It may take a long time but it is really worth the effort in the end.

This might sound funny but fit normal daily life stuff in the timetable as well in the blanks for example: Shower, Dinner, Lunch, Spending time with family (e.g. playing with little brother for an hour like I do - it's a great de-stresser), Exercise (jog or even Wii time), packing your bag for school the next day, and most importantly don't forget HOMEWORK time. Also, you will need to allow 5-15 mins in between each session and during the day to get the books out for the next revision subject/boot up the computer [For setting up a French listening exercise for example, NOT FACEBOOK]/doodle/daydream/Do your prayers (if you are religious obviously)/Go downstairs when mum/dad screams your name/go to the toilet. You know the deal...

I just scrolled through my answer and realised I might have just got a teensie bit carried away, naturally...

Good luck revising and in your exams, I hope I was helpful to you. x

Answered Wed 29th February, 2012 @ 09:28 by Re-Re