What are the key quotes for the character Danforth in The Crucible?

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The Crucible 



Aurther Miller

Act 3 

Act 4

Posted Wed 10th April, 2013 @ 20:18 by Amymo.

1 Answer

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'Mr. Parris, you are a brainless man' - Shows Danforths superiority over the other characters


'Who weeps for these weeps for corruption.'


'The pure in heart need no lawyers'


'This is a sharp time, now, a precise time-we live no longer in the dusky afternoon when evil mixed itself with good and befuddled the world.  Now, by God's grace, the shining sun is up, and them that fear not light will surely praise it.'

Answered Wed 10th April, 2013 @ 21:34 by Martha Collison