what are the hazards and risks of alkali (group 1) metals?

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It needs to be about: The reactions of group 1 metals with water. thankyou **

Ohh and if possible can you also include:

  • The risk
  • How to limit the risk
  • What to do if an accident happens.
Posted: 01-10-12 18:11 by simran

in future you should try ask this sort of question in the chemistry discussion board as that is the board people with your ansers are most likely to be looking on!

Lithium, sodium and potassium all react vigorously with water. Hydrogen gas bubbles off and, in the case of potassium, this burns with a lilac flame. The metal hydroxide is formed which is a strong alkali.

Alkali metals need to be stored under oil to prevent them reacting with the oxygen and water vapour in the air.

The reactivity of the alkali metals increases down the group. Potassium reacts more vigorously than sodium and lithium is the least reactive.


Posted: 01-10-12 19:00 by Alex