What are the adaptations of a leaf??

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i have a bio test tomorrow and my friend said this is on the test! i dont have a clue! please helppp

Posted Sun 14th April, 2013 @ 13:59 by Alexandra Butler

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They are adapted to prevent water loss by...

  • Having small leaves to reduce the surface area so less water can be lost by transpiration
  • Densly packed spongy mesophyll so less water evaporates into the air spaces
  • Thick waxy cuticle
  • Closing the stomata when there is not much water available
  • Hairs on the surface of the leaf trap water vapour increasing the water vapour potential so less water diffuses out.
  • Rolling the leaves and the presence of pits have the same effect as hairs

I don't know if you'll be asked about adaptations for other purposes but these were the ones i needed to learn for my exam. Hope this helps :)

Answered Sun 14th April, 2013 @ 20:12 by sammy