What are oil-tar sands and what are they used for?

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Posted: 04-06-13 14:34 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

Oil Tar sands are sands located in regions such as Venezuela and Canada where the sand is soaked with thick oil called biteuman. There extraction is very energy intensive, can cause much environmental scaring.

The oil extracted is refined and used just like any other oil, vechiule transport and such. A main example is the controversy over the Canadina tar sands where the Keystone XL pipeline is proposed to transport oil throughout the USA. The problems associated with the tar sands include, stirring of carciongenic metals, pollution from chemical refinaries, environmental scaring and how energy intensive the extraction is. Developing tar sand sites also reduces the emphasis on developing new energy sources.

 However positives include reducing dependancy for the host country of the tar sands on other oil sources, economic value and job creation.

I would recommend looking up the Canadian tar sands in Alberta, Canada, they are very interesting and contoversal. Hope this helps :)

Posted: 26-11-13 15:06 by lauren