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More AS topics to discuss about, because i cba doing cholera it's too long n boring and i don't wanna log on here everytime for no reason :O

Posted: 09-12-09 22:21 by Issa

well start your own topic xD ask us about something you dont understand or something.... thats how u get feed back and learn new things... :)

Posted: 10-12-09 15:15 by Adam Helstrip

Adam is the best! Issa is the worst! Although he gets some points for actually logging on this time.

Posted: 13-12-09 21:19 by Mike McNicholas

In answer to the pitiful whining ... see the two new topics added for Unit 1. Heart and Lung questions for discussion.

Issa had better be first to post now.

Posted: 13-12-09 21:33 by Mike McNicholas