ways to remember stuff for 21st century science foundation and higher

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Heyy everyone

do any of you know any good ways to remember stuff for the topics included in 21st century higher and foundation. : )

Posted: 20-03-10 09:47 by Hayley

I got a Lonsdale revision guide to help me... its good because its basically a simplified version of your text book and its just got the main details. I just read a chapter everynight before i go to sleep :-) :-)

Posted: 05-04-10 14:18 by Bryony

Hey i have an official 21st century book by OCR which is really helpful. i make flash cards of all the key words in the book and an extra reading sheet of key points. im pretty basic and it works out fine for me, hope for you too x 

Posted: 21-12-10 20:54 by Huma Younis

heyyy...even though i am doing ocr gateway science...according to me CGP books are really helpful!!! I'm not sure whether they make one for 21st century but you might as well want to have a look...they are really helpful!!! :)

Posted: 22-12-10 19:08 by Pinkypops

hey, am doing OCR Gateway but i bought a collins revision guide and it was very helpful, i'm guessing they have one for 21st century, but if not i would recomment CGP or lonsdale

Posted: 23-12-10 17:47 by Shiny

you can buy revision guids to read but the best way to remember stuff is by active revision and doing it over and over again :) x

Posted: 11-01-11 22:02 by angie

i have a cgp one for 21st century and it is really good!! deffo reccomend it x

Posted: 25-05-11 22:49 by Grace Wright