Ways to motivate yourself in Sixth form.

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Since starting college in September, I've been struggling to motivate myself. The year is going so quick and i keep thinking im still at the start of the year, therefore its okay im not picking things up or remembering things. However, i ve now only got nine weeks to go until exams begin and i feel i've learnt nothing ! Any tips on how to motivate myself to work better ? 

Posted: 23-02-12 17:42 by Amber Riley

Hi :D

Think about it like this:

If you work hard and revise well this year and next year, you'll get into a good university and then get a really good, high paid, job!!

Oh, and you'll be able to afford really expensive clothes ((Gucci, Vivviene Westwood, etc :D))) and be able to go on really expensive holidays all the time ;)

Posted: 27-02-12 09:40 by Fyzah :p