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Watch The Sessions online Though the film samples a fair amount of O’Brien’s poetry, it was actually inspired by his article “On Seeing a Sex Surrogate.” Still, it’s one thing to write about one’s own experiences and quite another to translate them to screen without coming across as patronizing, tacky or just plain schmaltzy. Lewin, an experienced Polish-Australian helmer who has mostly recovered from a similarly debilitating case of childhood polio, deserves credit for striking just the right tonal balance, reinforced by Geoffrey Simpson’s gorgeously lit camerawork and Marco Beltrami’s tenderly understated score. Watch The Sessions online But performances are paramount in a film like this, and Hawkes works some kind of miracle despite the self-evident physical limitations of the role. His voice captures O’Brien’s unbeatable spirit as well as the sheer physical challenge of breathing, while his face is an open book to the man’s innermost hopes and fears. Hunt and Macy are similarly at the top of their game, underplaying the sentiment in favor of capturing the deeper humanity of their respective characters.Watch The Sessions onlineWatch The Sessions online  Playing O’Brien allows us to see another side of Hawkes, one possibly closer to his real nature, but it’s surprising how much charm and personality he can exude using only his body from the neck up. It’s also such a different role from the powerful and imposing figures Hawkes became known for after playing Teadrop in Winter’s Bone and the cult leader Patrick from last year’s Martha Marcy May Marlene.Given that it’s based on the true story of a man with polio who spends most of his time in an iron lung, Watch The Sessions online“The Sessions” is not as painfully heavy-handed as it might sound. And given that it’s about this man’s nervous attempts to lose his virginity at age 38, it’s also not as obnoxiously wacky as it might sound.

Watch TAKEN 2 Online Watch taken 2 OnlineAnother problem is the constant teasing of the ‘taken’ part and the focus on the baddies trying to find some form of clichéd lair, this takes the surprise component out and inadvertently gives us an obvious indication of what’s coming. Also, why do gangs and kidnappers always stay in places with one fuzzy black and white television with dodgy reception? ( Watch TAKEN 2 Online ) Is this on the list of ‘must-haves’ in some kind of AUSTIN POWERS way? Avoiding spoilers and trying to find some positives, there are two much tighter sections that impress. The first includes DRIVE track ‘Tick of the Clock’  that works tremendously well as Mills makes his way down dark alleys as the camera sticks with him, as he delves into a much darker, unpredictable world. Watch taken 2 OnlineThere’s also a map reading and hand grenades narrative, which is more intriguing than anything that has already passed.Watch TAKEN 2 Online As awesome as Neeson still is, they don’t use his character physically enough. Somehow, they’ve unintentionally created a parody that doesn’t cut loose of the aforementioned cliché. Even the fight scenes are edited at such a haphazard pace that you don’t know who’s hitting who or even where the punches or people are coming from. ( Download TAKEN 2 Movie ) In truth, you want to see them get taken and then watch Mills fight his way back and succeed. We don’t need an emotive background check, or a deeper understanding of their situation since we last saw them. Watch taken 2 OnlineTAKEN 2 is a seriously flawed follow-up and with it, extremely disappointing. There’s one scene where Nesson’s Mills says he’s about to do "What I does best” and although he, Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen try their hardest, it’s everything around that lets them down.

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