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thnx zainab i tried XD


Posted: 19-10-12 16:18 by Akeel 786

XD seriously though bro wat did u use a google translator?

a 3 year old speaks betta urdu dan u bro ^_^ even i do nd im pataan =)

Posted: 19-10-12 16:23 by Waqar Khanny :)

lool nahhh nt a google translator sabah helped me =P

yeah rght, im actually ok at it 2 say ive never spoken it my entire lyf

bro u dnt even knw none (((da swear wrdz dnt count everi1 knws dose)))

Posted: 19-10-12 16:29 by Akeel 786

loool ik it ^_^

lol yeah tru

i soooo do knw urdu....ok some of it if i dnt count da swear wrds 8)

Posted: 19-10-12 16:34 by Waqar Khanny :)

yeah lol bro u jus stik 2 ya pushto =P

lol soo had 2 mke anova account den

Posted: 19-10-12 16:38 by Akeel 786

lol dw i will :)

yeah i totally frgt ma passwrd 2 da ova 1, i had sabah mke me dis 1

Posted: 19-10-12 16:41 by Waqar Khanny :)

yeah ik she wer tellin me dat u gave her ur passwrd 2 ur email bro u knw dat ur messages are gonna be searched fully wt were u tinkin?????

Posted: 19-10-12 16:43 by Akeel 786

lol oh **** =P

naahh bruv itz ayt i aint gt nuffin 2 hide buh u on da ova hnd nw if she gt ur facebook passwrd she wud break up wiv u nd den kill u ^_^

Posted: 19-10-12 16:45 by Waqar Khanny :)

Hey akeel. Okay no time to chat this is an emergency. Is Sabah there?

Posted: 19-10-12 16:46 by Sabahat

ermm hey sabahat

yeah y?

Posted: 19-10-12 16:47 by Akeel 786

LOL waqar yeah she hant gt ma facebook passwrd nd dw i aint gt nuffin 2 hide frm her she knwz everythin soo yeahhh =)

Posted: 19-10-12 16:48 by Akeel 786

Because something awful has happened.

Chris brown and rihanna have got back together.

Posted: 19-10-12 16:48 by Sabahat

LOL WTF?!?!?!?

she sed=====> omg wt a effin nob wt waz he thinkin?????

((((i wunt rite/type da rest innapropriate language)))) ^_^

Posted: 19-10-12 16:50 by Akeel 786

yeahh u sure bout dat?!?!?

ohh say hi 2 sabah 4 me

heeyyy cat person =) aka sabahat

nd omg erniez gonna be sooooo bloody mad atm

Posted: 19-10-12 16:52 by Waqar Khanny :)

yess im sure =)

she sayz hi :)

ik rght u shud se him hez goin bloody mental LOL itz soooo funny

Posted: 19-10-12 16:54 by Akeel 786

I am so mad. I just wanna track that little effing ho down and kill her then cheese grate her face and go "ha babe u never looked better".

BTW Sabah told me ur gonna go watch a movie huh?

Posted: 19-10-12 16:55 by Sabahat

kay den u betta nt be cheatin on ma sis bro ill murder u =)

lool im guessin ur up at kelaz rght ill meet u lt in a bit im gonna cum up 2

Posted: 19-10-12 16:56 by Waqar Khanny :)

Cat person? Cool.
BTW I chose your pic. Nice car.

Posted: 19-10-12 16:57 by Sabahat

haha lol sabahat wtf?!?!?!

yeah we are if her dad goes footy buhh it dont luk lyk it atm

ha lol waqar dw i wud neva wnt 2 leave her im lyk totally mad bout her ^_^

yeahh bro cum buhhh please dnt bring ya dad i gt da feelin dat hez gonna tell sabahz dad bout me nd her

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Posted: 19-10-12 16:59 by Akeel 786


thnx =)

sooo bro watchin movie huh dnt be doin nuffin else or ill kill yah LOL

yeah he wntz ta coz hez nt dumb bro he knwz ya still 2gther hez jus nt sayin anythin coz anees begged him nt 2

bro ill tlk laterz need a munch

Posted: 19-10-12 17:01 by Waqar Khanny :)

haha bro dw i wnt ((til we gt bck ta myne ;P )) LOL JK

yeah i owe anees 1 big tym

LOL wen dnt ya? seeya

Posted: 19-10-12 17:04 by Akeel 786

LOL cool

YO BRO nt jus anees u owe me 1 2

Posted: 19-10-12 17:39 by Waqar Khanny :)

nyc pic btw ^_^

Posted: 19-10-12 17:40 by Waqar Khanny :)

U talkin to me?if so then thankyou :)

Posted: 19-10-12 17:40 by adfv


Posted: 19-10-12 17:42 by Waqar Khanny :)