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Khannyz 786 wrote:

LOL yeah she iz

haha lool did she tell u...she were wiv akeeel...nd she called dis guy fit nd it turned out 2 be akeels 23 year old uncle LMAO

LOL oh nd we went 2 some milad thing yeah nd LMAO u cud hear sabah sat in da corner singing 2 imran khan bewafaa LOL sooo akward all da ladies were lyk WTF XDD


Posted: 29-11-12 17:28 by Sabah


welll ur fault..LOL

Posted: 29-11-12 17:45 by Waqar Khanny :)

Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!! :D

Posted: 29-11-12 18:03 by adfv


lool how iz it my fault??? dey were takin sooo much time 2 get everythin ready...i got bored..sooo not my fault XDD

Posted: 29-11-12 18:57 by Sabah

Heyy sabaah! Omgg!! Thats acctually so funny!! Hhahah

Posted: 29-11-12 19:07 by adfv


lool wat is?? haha

Posted: 29-11-12 19:09 by Sabah

Lool! The thhing khanny said bout yu singing bewafa!! LOOOL

Posted: 29-11-12 19:09 by adfv

LOOL OMG yeah haha...lol i dint even realise dat i was singin loud...if ma bro dint text me i wudda carried on singin till da song finished LOL XDD

Posted: 29-11-12 19:13 by Sabah

LOOOOOOL!! Thatss sooo jokes! Ur bro saved you hahaha

Posted: 29-11-12 19:15 by adfv

lool yeah he did...buhh he made sure dat he recorded it all b4 he stopped me :( LOL XDD

Posted: 29-11-12 19:17 by Sabah

Sabah you should... Because then he would get embarrassed that you said that.. And wouldn't do it again

Posted: 29-11-12 19:24 by sharaan

LOOOOOOOOLL! he recorded itt hahaha!! jokeess!! 

Posted: 29-11-12 19:25 by adfv

umm yeah ik i should...but im scared...seriousl

id rather hav ma bro jump im LOOL

Posted: 29-11-12 19:26 by Sabah

yeah lool XD haha tbh it was funny wen i watched it lool XD

Posted: 29-11-12 19:26 by Sabah

hey :)

Posted: 29-11-12 19:31 by Waqar Khanny :)

No offence this is what I don't like... Girls like you get scared then all guys think all girls are scared... But if someone like you takes a step then maybe, they will shut up and be like a normal guy which doesn't include staring and stalking girls

Posted: 29-11-12 19:33 by sharaan

I know you might of not liked my comment but this Is me... And that's what I don't like because it effects other girls due to some girls but people like you and me an change it... Please don't bring up the fact guys and girls ain't equal because in today's world we are... Just like they do things we can too... Change the world and the way people think... Leave the kitchen behind and being a housewife in future but choose the path that a guy would too... Show people you ain't scared speak up for what you want to say... Don't keep it inside you and bury it inside and just leave it like a pile of old papers but leave it on top like a clean paper and say it like a speech

Posted: 29-11-12 21:33 by sharaan

hey khanny ;)

yeah sharaan ur right i should say sommat...buhhh ill hav 2 do it on mondaii tho

yeah but trust me i aint da type 2 get scared.. i dunno y i am now tho...probz coz of hiz mate...

Posted: 30-11-12 13:25 by Sabah

fcking dramatic 


Posted: 30-11-12 15:48 by aliimz


Posted: 30-11-12 16:25 by Sabah

nice car 

wat happened to that footballer

Posted: 30-11-12 16:29 by aliimz

lool he died LMAO

lool thanx itz mine ;))

Posted: 30-11-12 16:30 by Sabah


in your fcking dreams

Posted: 30-11-12 16:31 by aliimz


seriously babe it iz...well itz ma dadz buhh yeah

lol watz hiz iz mine right? ;D

Posted: 30-11-12 16:33 by Sabah


good save 

but im not that into cars like you

 unless it was blue

Posted: 30-11-12 16:34 by aliimz