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LMAO..yeah lool i will..buhh its always soo akward coz when i luk up at him  ET luks up at me  nd hez lyk soo cute nd when our eyes meeet i get lyk soooo shy nd i hav 2 luk down :)))

soo itz really akward lool as u can see haha

Posted: 28-11-12 19:59 by Sabah

lool same...just got interestin XDD

Posted: 28-11-12 20:00 by Sabah

Lool I get rated on Facebook lool so bad but so funny... People have made comments about me doing certain things and them lot rating it out of 10 mostly my mates

Posted: 28-11-12 20:00 by sharaan

LOOOOOOLL!! Hahahhaha sabah! :D

Posted: 28-11-12 20:00 by adfv

Interesting ?? Loooooool!! :D

Posted: 28-11-12 20:01 by adfv

LMAO XDD lool sharaan

ha lool XD

Posted: 28-11-12 20:01 by Sabah

lool yeah interesting...haha wiv akeel dat iz XDD

ohhh nd thankgod he gave up da...u knw! lool XD i made im choose me or dat **** nd he choose me..LOL XD

Posted: 28-11-12 20:02 by Sabah

You could try this when the guy looks at you the other one (ugly one) look at him and say are you staring at my assents ? And when he says no it will be funny and the word assents will be more funny because the ugly ones don't know what it means lool

Posted: 28-11-12 20:03 by sharaan

AWWWWWW!! Hopee u twoss stayy likee dat insha'Allah x
Awwww! M'a thatsss goooooooood!! :D lool give him a treattt :)

Posted: 28-11-12 20:03 by adfv

Or when he looks at you get up and then say staring at my bum or something

Posted: 28-11-12 20:04 by sharaan

LOOL haha sharaan XD nahhh idt id be able ta say dat haha XD

lool im usually so loud in ma classes buh coz of ET i hardly talk..llool soo me sayin dat 2 altaf wud be wierd LMAO

Posted: 28-11-12 20:05 by Sabah

Z wrote:

AWWWWWW!! Hopee u twoss stayy likee dat insha'Allah x
Awwww! M'a thatsss goooooooood!! :D lool give him a treattt :)

 lol thnx yeah me 2 XD

lool hmm hez got me wat more does he want? haha lool XDD

Posted: 28-11-12 20:05 by Sabah

Loooool! I wudd neverr talk to a guy bout myself lyk that! Theyd probably thnk ur giving them the chance LOOOOOOL

Posted: 28-11-12 20:06 by adfv

Looooooooll sabbah!! Awwww! Yehh truu :P

Posted: 28-11-12 20:06 by adfv

lool ikr zainab it wud be soo akward LMAO

lool ik XD haha nd sum gud news waqar dont take it eiva...i took im 2 da imam..lool seriously XD

Posted: 28-11-12 20:08 by Sabah

Yeehhh well awkwarrdd!! Loooooooooooooooooooooll!! I feel weird when girls point out their body in frnt of guyss its lykk wthh is wrong widd youuz!!
Awwwwww!! Loool ill be congratulating him when he cums backkk!! Omg! Imam?? Seriously?? LOOOOL

Posted: 28-11-12 20:10 by adfv

Welll done sabbah!! :D

Posted: 28-11-12 20:13 by adfv

LOL ikr sooo awkward haha XD

lool haha yeah OMG...lool i told ma bro bout both akeel nd waqar nd he got welll mad...so coz hez a quran hafiz hez pretyy tight wiv da imamz he took me nd waqar 2 meet 1..nd yeah lool it were sooo funny i were tryin not 2 laugh XDD

Posted: 28-11-12 20:13 by Sabah

HAHA lool thnx XD

Posted: 28-11-12 20:13 by Sabah

Oohh!! M'A ur bros hafizz!!! Woow!!
Omgg!! Loooooooooooll!! Thank god heyre nt doing it anymore!! Goo imamm! LOOOL

Posted: 28-11-12 20:14 by adfv

Loool! Ur welcumm :)

Posted: 28-11-12 20:15 by adfv

yeah lool...dat explainz y am KINDA religious LOL xD

ikr haha...lol da imam were funny tho...waqar was sooo shoked when he found out wat were goin on..buhh yeah im soo happy hez not in2 dat **** anymore...dey both seriously ****** me off wen dey were lyk it helps me .... no it doesnt..twatz XD

lool  :PP

Posted: 28-11-12 20:17 by Sabah

Sabah wrote:

lol..khanny he waz gonna but i stopped im...i got scared dat it were gonna end up in a fight...nd if i tell akeel hez gonna  get really mad coz he hatez ET lool nd ET iz lyk hiz best mate ssooo :(( u knw akeel wud  jus start arguin wiv ET anall

 hmmm ET seriously sabah..hmmm ur wiv akeel rght?? LOL course akeel hatez him  dont u think itz cause u lyk him? lool XD

Posted: 28-11-12 20:44 by Waqar Khanny :)

Lool yehh dats y sabah!
Looool!! Omgg hhaahha! Exactlyy its not helful looool!!

Posted: 28-11-12 20:45 by adfv

hmm sabah language LOOL xD

nd u religous HA watev sis...XDD lool

ur crazy not religious lool hmm

Posted: 28-11-12 20:48 by Waqar Khanny :)