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loool .....thnx xP

Posted: 09-11-12 16:34 by Waqar Khanny :)

Lool I had triple history and double sociology in the same class room for both lessons... I was going to die

Posted: 09-11-12 16:40 by sharaan

lool XDD haha....XDD feel sorry 4 u....

Posted: 09-11-12 16:41 by Waqar Khanny :)

Tell me about so did I... Wanted to cry after... I just rant out the class after my notes... Everyone looked at me like woah where's the fire and you hear me saying in your pants

Posted: 09-11-12 16:43 by sharaan


i think it ell be interestin sittin in a lesson wiv u LOL

Posted: 09-11-12 16:45 by Waqar Khanny :)

Lool it is... You do the work but you also bloody write messages on paper and laugh at silly things when the class is loud... And get told off like all the time... You cuss people and tell them that I'm better than you from every single angel lool but yeah everyone that I talk to prefer sitting next me in class they say when I'm not here its like someone has died... I remember my mate saying that and telling me never take a day off

Posted: 09-11-12 16:50 by sharaan

HAHA LOL XDDD ur crazy... XDD

loool itz dahhh bad wen ur not here LOL :P

Posted: 09-11-12 16:52 by Waqar Khanny :)

Yeah I think so... I remember my mate sending a video to me of the class that week like every day because I was so ill... The whole class was in silent mode and no one was like talking because half of my year 11 form class didn't talk to each other due to the fact of some fight they had so I was the one who spoke to everyone... Like in the vid my table looked dead... We used to talk about our wedding and the dresses but no conversation at all... And when I came back this guy called yurgen said to me do you even know that I waited for you to come every day so I can get you to smell me... So I could get close to you and that's when he said he likes me but the whole class after a whole week didn't talk like come on... After I came they started again.. There's a part in the vid where one of the girls walks in late like always and goes oh my god why is the class so quiet and then she looks at my chair and goes where is sharan oh my god and I just burst out laughing

Posted: 09-11-12 17:00 by sharaan

haha lol...XDD sooo deyre all tooo quite wivout u haha...ur da loud mouth XP

lool seriously haha.... wow dis guy ermm yeah lool XDD

lool we don't mix wiv da gurls in our skool....deyre 2 slaggy LOL

sooo itz alwayz lyk guyz v gurls LOL

Posted: 09-11-12 17:06 by Waqar Khanny :)

Yeah I have a big gob... Yeah I'm the only who talks to guys as mates but nothing more some people call me a **** but I'm lie do you even know the definition of **** I'm like that's a **** walking down there not me lmao it's like that sometimes at ours well was but know its defo girls vs boys because I don't talk to them because they are bastards

Posted: 09-11-12 17:10 by sharaan

lol XDD buhh itz good to hav a big gob soo yeah LOL

yeah ik datz wat makes me mad coz peepz go around callin sabah 1 nd it just pisses me off coz shez not...buhh da gurls in ma school r definetley...deyve alll lyk slept wiv a guy sooo yeah......lool XDDD not all guyz r bastardz though.... ^_^

Posted: 09-11-12 17:15 by Waqar Khanny :)

The ones who are left at 6 form are all they talk about is doing it I'm like yet lost and then they will talk about you and your body... Purposely lock themselves and a girl in the room so he can "chat" with her yeah right more like talk about her *****... They are really bad they will walk behind you and if there are stairs going up they will walk you walk up the stairs so they can stare at your ****... If you are going out with someone they will stalk you like mad and will never leave you alone some guys go into the girls toilets to see the girls... One guy came into the changing rooms for p.e. while all the girls were getting changed

Posted: 09-11-12 17:20 by sharaan

wtf??? lool yeah jus 2 telll u i aint 1 of "dose" guyz LOOL XDD

datz wat i hate though bout guyz lyk dis...com on get a lyf dont dey get da message dat no 1z interested....once a guy did dahhh 2 sabah.. he asked her out nd she lyk refused coz she waz wiv sme1 sooo he kept followin her  nd wunt leave her alone basically...he dint get dahhh message ... so yeah lol we ended up puttin him in hospital LOL XDD

Posted: 09-11-12 17:25 by Waqar Khanny :)

No joke but when I was single they wouldn't leave me alone I was like oh god come on sharan just a couple of more months and they will be gone I didn't know them bastards would come back like come on they came back I didn't even know... I thought they would go some where else... And now I'm like sharan one hour left and you can walk out that room and don't have to see his face... Sometimes they will come outside our class room and just do weird moves that's makes you wants to feel sick ...and the noises they come up with... The worse one was when I went to my locker... My locker is right at the bottom so like I have bend all the down to open it sometimes I just sit on the floor that day I decided to bend because I was in a hurry and one of the guys makes the most awkward noise ever and all you see is me suddenly standing up straight and I just turn around and look at his face and his trying not to look at me and laugh... And then he goes out the room I'm like you know to walk out

Posted: 09-11-12 17:31 by sharaan

wtf??? ok u hav some serious priks in ur school

Posted: 09-11-12 17:33 by Waqar Khanny :)

Tell me about it... Imagine had to see there face everyday

Posted: 09-11-12 17:37 by sharaan

ohh lol feel sorry 4 u...buhh id probz punch em soo even if i did hav 2 luuk at em ik ill start laughin LOL XD

Posted: 09-11-12 20:16 by Waqar Khanny :)

wooooow long convoo XD reminds me of our old.. amazing ppl of GR forum XD damn i miss that , forum XDDD LOOL random entry here XDD ik! XD Helllooooooo guyss! How r u all!? :D 

Posted: 10-11-12 13:00 by priya777

priyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa long time no see bbe how are you

Posted: 10-11-12 13:07 by aliimz

khanny wrote:

ohh lol feel sorry 4 u...buhh id probz punch em soo even if i did hav 2 luuk at em ik ill start laughin LOL XD

Lool even when I look at their face now I laugh because it ain't beautiful... Trust me they look like rats lmao one had bags under there eyes like not dark circles but bags... One of the guys face is like you look at it and then your turn your face and laugh thats how many spots he has and scars all over his face from fights

Posted: 10-11-12 13:59 by sharaan

Woww! Sharaan u have some idiots in your school! LOL

Posted: 11-11-12 13:42 by adfv

No wouldn't say idiots but animals that have just came from the jungle or freshies who ain't seen a girl in there life

Posted: 11-11-12 21:41 by sharaan


Posted: 11-11-12 21:42 by Akeel 786

LOOOOL! Freshies! haha! thank god i aint come across people lyk that ! hahaa

Posted: 11-11-12 21:42 by adfv

akeel wrote:


Trust me that's what i say every single day of my life of when I walk into my common room in 6 form

Posted: 11-11-12 21:48 by sharaan