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am doin law

in ma second year nw

Posted: 17-10-12 21:22 by Akeel 786

hw she fiindiin it coz ma mates doin  hiz last year 2 nd he sayz itz too much wrk

(((soz 4 da l8 reply needed 2 put ma sis ta bed )))

Posted: 17-10-12 21:35 by Akeel 786

oh im gonna die in da last year i jus about passed da first nd hpefully gonna pass dis year

lool yeah truhhh

does she have a trainin contract wiv any1

Posted: 17-10-12 21:45 by Akeel 786

btw, what exactly does a training contract mean. maybe i wud knw 

Posted: 17-10-12 21:48 by adfv

basically itz doin work experience at some solicitorz nd if dey want deyll giv u a trainin contract ((wrkin wiv dem basically,  u can gt paid though)) dey dont actually giv u it till uve done ur 3rd year ((i tink)) buhh ma m8 alreadi gt hiz

yeah seeya nyc tlkin 2 u2 ^_^

Posted: 17-10-12 21:53 by Akeel 786

Z.Huss wrote:

LOL! good  luck aneesa :)

SOZ 4 dis really late (or early shuld i say) reply but i'm nocturnal and i woke up lyk...mmm...5 hours ago.

If i'm not on at 10 or 11pm, dis is datym i turn up...

weird huh?

Posted: 18-10-12 04:24 by Aneesa

And akeel i asked her and nope! she hasnt gt one yet. Shes tryn to look for one though

Posted: 18-10-12 16:58 by adfv

kay ^_^ ik hw hrd it iz 2 fnd one dnt knw if ill gt one though

Posted: 18-10-12 17:00 by Akeel 786

hey Huss wats up

Posted: 18-10-12 17:01 by Aneesa

No dont worry. ull get one

Posted: 18-10-12 17:02 by adfv

yeah inshallah i will ive alreadii started lukin buhhh hant gt anywhere soo far

Posted: 18-10-12 17:04 by Akeel 786

nothin much.

just tryin 2 finish my hwk

Posted: 18-10-12 17:05 by Aneesa

u talkin' 2 me?

Posted: 18-10-12 17:07 by Aneesa


Posted: 18-10-12 17:07 by Akeel 786

it's lyk dis private registration 4 IGCSE. it was all right. wat 'bout your biology test.

Posted: 18-10-12 17:09 by Aneesa


Posted: 18-10-12 17:09 by Akeel 786

i'm bored lyk hell.....

Posted: 18-10-12 17:11 by Aneesa


dattt reminds me aneesa ive gt 2 teach u urdu ====> (((if u still wanna learn ))) XD

Posted: 18-10-12 17:12 by Akeel 786


Posted: 18-10-12 17:13 by adfv

Aneesa wrote:

i'm bored lyk hell.....

 cud i be of any service ;P

Posted: 18-10-12 17:13 by Akeel 786

Z.Huss wrote:



Posted: 18-10-12 17:14 by Akeel 786

hahhaha. u jokaa

Posted: 18-10-12 17:15 by adfv


Posted: 18-10-12 17:16 by Akeel 786

SOZ 4 late reply. just finished Asr lyk 25mins ago.

Posted: 18-10-12 17:44 by Aneesa

'bout Urdu. dis wuld be a great tym.

Posted: 18-10-12 17:45 by Aneesa