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lol XD 3 tyms wth ive neva even been :) tbh idt id wanna go

Posted: 01-11-12 16:43 by Sabah

LOOOOL! You knw what its actually not bad :) well apart frm a few idiotic people its awrite:) 

everyone thats nt been say they dnt wna go. Lol!! Whyy? Truss me i wnaa go again!

Might go next year. get clthes and stuff for bros wedding LOL :) 

Posted: 01-11-12 16:45 by adfv

yeah sure it aint :P lol XD....lol coz of da peepz deyre

no wud neva wanna go LOL cool ma broz gettin married 2 nd dey wanted ta do da nikkah in pakistan buhh deyre not now coz i sed noo XD

Posted: 01-11-12 16:49 by Sabah

LOOOl! Yeh some people are messsed! 

Ohh is hee :) LOOL! You said no awww! Hahaha

Posted: 01-11-12 16:53 by adfv

lol XDD

Posted: 01-11-12 16:55 by Sabah

What u doinn?? 

Posted: 01-11-12 17:04 by adfv

tryin 2 revise buhh cant :) wbu?

Posted: 01-11-12 17:07 by Sabah

LOOOL! I know same here! instead im watchin mehndi dances on youtube haha! Soo distracted :) 

Posted: 01-11-12 17:10 by adfv

lool haha ohh nd i watched dose vidz that u  tld khanny 2 watch LOL dey were soo cooll XDDD

Posted: 01-11-12 17:12 by Sabah

LOOOOL! theyree too funny !! haha! Have u seen this video-- Im in love wid it LOL


Posted: 01-11-12 17:13 by adfv

lool yeah itz awsme =P lool i luv da dhoombroz LOL i actually neva knew em till we watched da vids lol buhh now ma matez gt em on face book all of da dhoombro guyz XDD lool hav u seen deyre kolavarii d remix?

Posted: 01-11-12 17:15 by Sabah

LOOOL! The guy called atif ron is amazing :P LOL

yehh ive seen that. have u seen-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FMqUf5Xvik&feature=related

Posted: 01-11-12 17:18 by adfv

lol XDD no i hant seen diz ill check it out laterz

buhh i lyk totally luv them :P

Posted: 01-11-12 17:20 by Sabah

LOOOOL! Yehh! Theyree too jokees :D 

Posted: 01-11-12 17:21 by adfv

lool ik lol we watched da funniest mehndi dance battles nd i thought ma mate were gonna die coz she lyk cud not stop laughin XDD lool hav u seen da 1 where dey hav 2 dance in public lol dat waz awsme :P

Posted: 01-11-12 17:23 by Sabah

Omdayyz! I realised im distracting you too now :P sorry :)  

Posted: 01-11-12 17:23 by adfv

haha lol itz kay dw bout it im distracted anywayyz

Posted: 01-11-12 17:24 by Sabah

Lol! I wish i wasnt so distracted haha! its annoyingg! 

Posted: 01-11-12 17:47 by adfv

Sabah wrote:

 lol yeah idt sooo :( LOL yeah u can cum haha lol how can i frget u guyz r sooo sad lol XDD rememba da **** in black video??? LMAO dat wazz awsme XD ohh yeah ur missionz it were funny till u gt done LOL btw a still gt da pic of u in da niqab at ma grandmaz LOL ^__^

i dunno khanny itz been 4 dayyz nd he stiill wnt say anythin....i hope sooo tbh itz soo shiyt here wivout im...i miss im sooo much nd im nt even allowed 2 see im... :(

seeya nd ur actually goin???? i cba 2...... enjoy bro ^_^

 lol XDD ik lool u hav 2 admit though da nme does soun cool lol XDD ... haha dose  vidz were amazin lol dey hav 2 go on youtube XDD....our missions were bare sikk man nd OMG WTF uve still got it please sabah delete it please

heyy dw ik buhh giv im tym nd he'll be fyn truus kay :) ik buhh dw u will be able tahh chyll we're plannin 2 get u 2 meet im sooo seriously dw :) x

Posted: 01-11-12 17:53 by Waqar Khanny :)

heyy zainab :P

Posted: 01-11-12 17:54 by Waqar Khanny :)

Heloo Khanny :) dint you go?? 

Posted: 01-11-12 17:55 by adfv

lol heyy yeah i did buhh a came bak coz it were borin XDD

Posted: 01-11-12 17:58 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOL! Thats nice :P So what you doingnow? 

Posted: 01-11-12 18:01 by adfv

lol ikr ;P nowt bored lyk hell oh nd tired :( im pretendin 2 wrk soo dad doesnt ask me 2 do anythin LOL

Posted: 01-11-12 18:03 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOL! Awww :) hhaaa! 

Pakistani weddings are fun though!! LOL

Posted: 01-11-12 18:05 by adfv