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LOOl! thanks, i wud invite you but god knows how everyones gna react ! HAHAHAAA :P

Sooooooo... :D 

Posted: 30-10-12 19:46 by adfv

haha lol welll how bout u invite me sooo we can see deyre reaction LOL XD

loll sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo babe ;P

Posted: 30-10-12 19:49 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! okay then. ill let u knw where to come then :P

dont be late :PP

Soooooooooooooo.... LOL

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Posted: 30-10-12 20:00 by adfv

haha lol nahh i wunt be late i gotta make a gud first impression innit ;P

hahha soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wt babe? LOL XDD

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Posted: 30-10-12 20:40 by Waqar Khanny :)

Yehh! so i wont have to worry bout u being late and hopefully everyone wud like yu :P

LOOOOL! i dnooo!! 

Hows bradford. lol this boy in school goes to me, you shud go bradford, u wud fit in perfectly! i was like LOOOOLL! 

Posted: 30-10-12 20:49 by adfv

lol yeah =) truuu :P

haha lol XDD lool bradfordz ermmm da same i guess---->> wanna be gangstaz, slagz nd ermmm some randomn blokez hu tink dey own bradford u knw wat a mean???

haha lool tbh i dnt think ud fit in perfecly (((no offence)) itz just ur completley different to dese bradford gurlz knw wat a mean?? ;) lol u probz wudnt though =P

Posted: 30-10-12 20:55 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOL! Yehh i knw what u mean :)

Hahhaa! none taken! yehh i knw! 

even my friends here go that ur so different ! im like how and theyre like ur not the bitchy type and we wud expect u to go out wid everyone. when my friend found out i said no to my bros mate she was surprised. she was like she wud go out wid him(apparently hes fit) LOL

Posted: 30-10-12 21:01 by adfv

Bare saying stuff about myself :)

Thanks Waqar :D Thats nice. someone tellin me im not a **** :D LOL

Posted: 30-10-12 21:01 by adfv

lool gud XDD

lool tbh im suprised dat dey r people lyk u out deyre lool afta ma ex i though all gurlz were propa biyatchy lool i guess i waz wrng :P

haha lol yeah ma mate findz im fit 2 sooo ermmm yeah xD lool wud u though.....u knw go out wiv any1??.......

Posted: 30-10-12 21:04 by Waqar Khanny :)

Z.Huss wrote:

Bare saying stuff about myself :)

Thanks Waqar :D Thats nice. someone tellin me im not a **** :D LOL

lool no worriez i jus sed da truth u aint 1 =)

Posted: 30-10-12 21:05 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOL! aww!! naa not all :)

LOOOL! Ur matesjokess!! 

Ermm! well i dnt knw. i dnt wna go out wid neyone, cuz obv u cant always get married to them... and even if you do go out with someone your not gna stay "shareef" if you knw what i mean. LOL and... i realli dont know what im saying HAHA... wbu?? 


Posted: 30-10-12 21:11 by adfv

:P yeah nahh shez juss wierd lol

yeah i gt wat u mean fall in luv, den get forced 2 marry sme1 else (((ma matez goin through dis i feel sorry 4 im))) lool yeah ik buhh i dunno letz jus say u did fall in luv nd **** tink bout any1 buhh dem den wat...? lool  ermmm i dunno tbh i wanna buhh part of me iz still thinkin bout how i gt played b4 sooo i dunno if itz such a gud idea.......nd tbh even if i did i dnt think she'll agree 2 go out viw me

Posted: 30-10-12 21:18 by Waqar Khanny :)


No. Not forced marriage. My parents wud never do that to me. Like my older bro, hes getting married to a girl he likes. he said if he dint get married to her he wudnt get married to anyone else. so my dad said okay and theyre getin married next year. But tbh, my famo dont relli like her or her famo. theyre meseeed!! Theyre not like our family, and thier girls are jus slagss!!  But yehh. its not about getting forced marriaged, its bout being in a relationship before marriage. LOL

Aww! well if the girls good then u wont get played ! and u need to ask her then. see what she says! soo.. omg i wrote an essay on my brother. btw forced marriage is haraam !! 

Posted: 30-10-12 21:23 by adfv

tbh i dnt tink ma dad wud allow me 2 marry sme1 i lyk.....again coz of izzat nd wat other people wud say wtf????! lol yeah datz probz a reason y alot of familys dnt allow love marriages 2 tke place. ma matez uncle ((da guy dat jumped akky)) he married his girl friend and shez sooo fu**d up i mean seriously ova guyz be checkin her out wen shez outside.... ur parents seemm pretty cool 2 go along wiv it :P

i dunno......lool nahh i cant ask her cos she dont wanna go out wiv any1 atm....so ik she'll jus turm me down....

haha lol wtf....yeah explain that do da asian parentz :P

Posted: 30-10-12 21:30 by Waqar Khanny :)

i need 2 go now itz my turn 2 stay at hospital ill talk tmoz =)

Posted: 30-10-12 21:31 by Waqar Khanny :)

Ohh! wouldnt he? Yehh i knw most pakistani families are against love marriages.

LOOOOL! Urghh thats disgusting :S 

Yehh i know i was surprised when my dad said okay, cuz hes like strict and hes got authority over all of us and our cuzzins ( the youngr ones are scared of my dad LOL) and i said to my dad that i dint expect him to say yes and he was like LOL why not. it goes for evry single one of yous, if you like someone tell me and i was like wow! hahaha. :) 

Aww! shed turn you down LOL! i dont knnow what to say to that.

yeh i know asian parents dont understandd :S 

aww look after akeel well. Hope he gets better soon Insha'allah. take care allahafiz :) 

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Posted: 30-10-12 23:15 by adfv

Ohh and sorry for the late reply although u had gone. My nephew was crying and  askin for me LOL! 

Posted: 30-10-12 23:17 by adfv

nahhh he wunt hez really strict

lool ur dadz actually quite cool u knw =====> i tink i need ta introduce im 2 ma dad xD

lol XDD dw :P lool no probz

Posted: 31-10-12 14:23 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOl! Hello :)

Aww! Yhh i know :P hahaha

Wht u doin? hows akeel now? 

Posted: 31-10-12 15:12 by adfv

hey ^_^

nowt really jus tryin 2 finish history essay off wbu?

yeah hez improving kindoff

Posted: 31-10-12 15:17 by Waqar Khanny :)

ohh! Im sitting with my sister and trying to revise ! LOL shes not very helpful. shes trying to do her law work and now shes annoyig me :s 

Thats good. :) 

Posted: 31-10-12 15:21 by adfv

haha lol XD

u can cum here nd ill help u revise ;P xD

Posted: 31-10-12 15:23 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Will you be able to help me? Hahahaaa

Posted: 31-10-12 15:26 by adfv

lol well ermm it depends on wat ur revising :P

though if im not able to help with the revision i could be of use some ova way LOL XDD

Posted: 31-10-12 15:28 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOOL! Its bioo! Im not sure if thats ur strong point :P hahhaaa

Haaaahhaa! what other way ?? :PP

Posted: 31-10-12 15:29 by adfv