Was the creation of a police state the main reason why the Nazis were able to control the german people in the years 1933-39?

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Posted Sun 4th March, 2012 @ 11:44 by Fergus Taylor

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The aspects you can look into for this question are;

1. Law and Order  - **, Gestapo, Law Courts.

2. Control over workers - German Laboir Front, Strength Through Joy

3. Education of the Young - Schools and how education was modified, Hitler Youth, League of German Maidens.

4. Persecution - Anti-Semitism and religious persecution.

5. Propaganda

Some of the aspects evoked fear in the German people, others persuaded them that Nazis were good in power.

But yeah, hopefully that helps a bit.

Answered Sun 4th March, 2012 @ 13:24 by Robyn
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I think you need to look at this question in two different manners. Firstly, the question assumes the Nazis had no support and they oppressed the people from 1933 onwards infact it was quite different. 

The Nazis had a lot of support from the German people as demonstrated by the elections in 1932 where the German people basically handed Hitler the chancellors office. Hitler also said famously "Give us four years and then judge us" the German people stuck to this and because Hitler promised "Bread & Work" they were happy to see how it panned out. Hitler was a saviour after the Wall Street Crash and the Economic Criss of 1923 and the people realised this and supported him. Also when unemployment fell the people were happy with the Nazis. Note also the Nazis advertised a family state and this was supported by the Catholic Church and so the people also bought into this policy.

On the other hand, how did they control certain aspects of society? It was basically that they controlled every aspect of society for example:

1. The ** (Secret Police) intimidated people and all political opponents were wiped out, many in the night of the long knives. 

2. The Nazis had legislative power behind them thanks to the enabling act

3. The Nazis indoctrinated the youth providing a opposition free youth by setting a Nazi curriculum and setting up youth groups

4. Women were forced to take on caring roles

5. Propaganda was very successful and they even paid to give all German people radios to have propaganda in every corner of Germany

6. Workers were restricted and all brought under the German Labour Front. Although we look at this in a bad light the people welcomed it and it was further welcomed when the Strength through joy movement was established. 

So to round everything up. The Nazis were well liked in Germany by the mainstream, or the people that were not "enemies of the state" and to ensure that no one could turn against them they took a number of steps all of which are apart of a police state. 

Answered Sun 4th March, 2012 @ 19:43 by CF