Was East Germany more successful than West Germany?

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In terms of the long term economy, education system, acgriculture, society, etc etc

Between the period 1945 to 1989


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The west was better off as the were able to take advantage of American aid which was refused to the East because Stalin did not want to make concessions to the Americans. Furthermore the East suffered more because of the the severe shortages they had as they were not able to trade with other capitalists countries due to their new communist leadership. Evidence that the Eats was less well off than the West comes in the fact that many people from the East tried to migrate to the West to secure a better standard of living. Somewhere around 400,000 people moved from the East to the West before the Berlin wall was put up and many more tried to leave the east after that. 

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Answered Tue 10th April, 2012 @ 10:56 by Preeya