War and Peace

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So my R.E teacher just told me that i don't take his subject seriously enough (mainly because it's pointless) and i am therefore going to fail! So i must prove this **** wrong and get at least a A.

Its topics like Atheist, Christian and Islamic attitudes towards...

+ fighting and warfare

+ Just war theory

+capital punishment

i think there's more but i didn't listen (no surprise)

If anyone could tell me anything about them i would appreciate it alot!

Much love ** :)

Posted: 24-04-11 17:56 by Mollie Gadd

What exam board?

Posted: 24-04-11 18:50 by Pui Pui

I can only give you the christian stuff, hope it helps..

Just war theory.
Basically, when theres a war christians disagree with it because so many innocent people get killed.

But sometimes christians realise that a war needs to happen to make a change, so they made a set of rules which determain if its OK to have a war or not, which are:

An authoritive government must be the ones to declare the war
Weapons must be used proportionately (ie: dont kill if you don't have to)
War must be the last resort
Must be for a good cause (Like getting rid of Hitler in WW2)
Must have a good chance of success (So its not pointless)

So if people stick to these rules when having a war (which they don't mostly) christians will believe that in those circumstances violence was OK

Capital punishment.
Christians believe that reasonable punishments are OK for 4 main reasons: 

Detterence: It scares the offender, and makes them not want to do it again
Retribution: Gives them what they deserve
Protection: Protects people and the community
Reformation: Reforms the offender, changes their attitude

They believe that punishment comes hand in hand with forgiveness, so you cannot punish someone by killing them. The death penalty is frowned upon as it takes away this aspect. It doesnt let a criminal repent for their sins.

Fighting and warfare.
Many christians are pacifist (which means they don't believe in violence) so they never fight in wars. (Most famously the pacisfists in WW2 were called conchies because they wouldnt fight)

However this links in with the just war theory where most christians believe violence is OK in certain circumstances.

I hope that helped you, cos it helped me revise, i just wrote that from the knowledge from my head haha. :)

Posted: 08-05-11 16:39 by Emma