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lmaooo u quoted something u made up??

nice!!! xD

Posted: 23-03-12 21:02 by M

thank u

Posted: 23-03-12 21:14 by aliimz

lol... 'i always do that' ....

i just done it now :P

Posted: 26-03-12 11:30 by Fyzah :p

no need 4 jealousy

oh quote sumthing about me

u know my maths teachers luvs saying "2b or not 2b that is da question?

get it

Posted: 26-03-12 17:52 by aliimz

lol xD

that's hilarious :P

my maths teacher never used to let us leave 5 mins early for lunch... he was like:

it's a privillage not an entitlement :P

stupid man -_-

Posted: 27-03-12 11:28 by Fyzah :p

i wondering what will happen if ur maths teachers gets egged in da face

U do da maths

Posted: 27-03-12 20:09 by aliimz

lol xD He'd be like:

what is this stange substance on my face :/

((aprantely he used to be a model...... for specsavers:P but he was so UGLY :P)) ((specsavers just keeps creeping in to all our discussions :P))

Posted: 28-03-12 09:50 by Fyzah :p

^ model for specsavers. so none of the clients can see you :P

Posted: 28-03-12 18:12 by Rayanne :)

Hi guys...

i'm back!!! :)

(not that u missed me, lol)

Posted: 28-03-12 18:15 by Leah

hai der :)

youre back? :O

whered you go?!

Posted: 28-03-12 18:16 by Rayanne :)

I got banned from the internet - damn my fam!

lol rhymes :)

Posted: 28-03-12 18:18 by Leah

:O why did such a monstrosity cant spell happen! x

Posted: 28-03-12 18:19 by Rayanne :)

Well, those you are aware and hav read my previous posts (lol FML) know that my fam are anti-social network :(

I was caught on DerrenBrown's Twitter and Facebook page :(

Posted: 28-03-12 18:24 by Leah

ohh.. that kinda sucks :/

what do they say about social networking sites?x

Posted: 28-03-12 18:25 by Rayanne :)