Wanna talk?

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Feeling lonely... anyone wanna talk?


Posted: 14-03-12 23:05 by Leah

r u lonely

Posted: 14-03-12 23:16 by aliimz

yep :D

Posted: 15-03-12 00:12 by Leah

poor ting

Posted: 15-03-12 07:40 by aliimz

(akon track) lonely im misses lonely...........

Posted: 15-03-12 07:41 by aliimz

LOL that song is old...i remember hearing it in primary school!!

Posted: 15-03-12 10:53 by M

lol i heard it when i was in year 6 and everyone kept singing it and i was like shut up! That song annoys me lol.... i used to be obsessed with the Black eyed peas 8) .....random fact about me :D

:3 leah... don't be lonely.... turn that frown up-side-down.... why so glum chum :P

Posted: 19-03-12 12:39 by Fyzah :p

ENIT! it was annoying when ppl attempted to sing it and its like...come on u just sound gay -__-

lol yeah black eyed peas r cool :P

llolll u on a hype with your puns fyzah

Posted: 19-03-12 16:30 by M

lolol..... i didn't even realise that was a pun until you pointed it out... Agent M, you genius ;)

(((.... which pun are you talking about :p)))

Posted: 20-03-12 11:29 by Fyzah :p

lol u dont even know???

Posted: 20-03-12 11:31 by aliimz

no :(

I'm stupid :P

Posted: 20-03-12 11:39 by Fyzah :p


Posted: 20-03-12 11:40 by aliimz


You make me cry Aliimaz :P

Posted: 20-03-12 11:41 by Fyzah :p


(so cute)

calm down luv

Posted: 20-03-12 11:47 by aliimz

:3 Okay...

Posted: 20-03-12 11:52 by Fyzah :p

lol the last part of this convos jokes...u guys! i cba for skool man, got tests and stuff coming up and im thinkin of doin a runner :/ hmm

Posted: 20-03-12 16:09 by M

i think i'll join you agent M.... 3 essays in one week.... not cool -_-

Posted: 21-03-12 09:25 by Fyzah :p

lol get me!!!! We'll run away and magically find billions of pounds along the way so that we can chillax for the rest of our lives * slaps face and comes back to reality * DAMN!!!! -_______-

* opens book and sighs *

Posted: 21-03-12 18:00 by M

keep ur day dream  cuz ur worth it

(staring at cheryl cole loreal advert)

Posted: 21-03-12 19:02 by aliimz

lol... maybe she's born with?? maybe it's photoshoped!! Maybe it's maybeline :P

Agent M..... a dream can become reality.... hey, have you watched MJ's moonwalker..... if you have, then you'll understand what i mean by making a wish on a shooting star ;)

Posted: 22-03-12 09:18 by Fyzah :p

ooh nah i ent watched that...since u two r insisting...il keep dreaming * counts imaginary notes in hand * :P

Posted: 22-03-12 17:57 by M

hey shoot for the moon if you miss it at least youll land on a star

Posted: 22-03-12 18:38 by aliimz


hey, allimz... where's that from??

Posted: 23-03-12 10:40 by Fyzah :p

i was wondering the same fing

Posted: 23-03-12 17:06 by M

umm i cant remember

wud u believe me if i said i made it up? (lied)

Posted: 23-03-12 17:54 by aliimz