Violin to Cello

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Hi there guys! :) 

I've played Violin for a good number of years now and Ive done Grade 5. I absoloutely adoorrrrre music XD I also sing rock a bit :) 

Was just wondering, if I play Violin, would it be easier to start Cello. I love its rich sound and would love to expand my music by playing more instruments.. Is there anyone out there who's had experience with various string instruments, and has found it relatively easy learning another once you have the grasp of one?!

Interested to hear responses! :) Peace and love fellow musicians! ;) x

Posted: 11-04-13 12:28 by Victoria

I'd say you'd be able to do it quite easily it is all very similar, I played the cello and loved it then after a while (only by playing in orchestras and stuff) I was able to play a few scales and stuff on the violin. The cello is probably easier as there finger board is bigger. Graasping the cello would be easy for you

:) x

Posted: 11-04-13 14:02 by Millie

Cheers! My teacher is bringing her Cello into school tomorrow to let me try it! :D x

Posted: 14-04-13 19:19 by Victoria