Video Maker Tool?

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Maybe the website could include a sort of 'Video Maker' in which a pupil/person can make a sort of slide show with pictures and text of a subject. The video maker could include suitable sample music possibly. As long as the maker is easy to use (an easier alternative to windows movie maker), then people could revise in a FUN way and then the videos could maybe be downloaded on to iPods or Phones? Might be difficult to set up but i would definitely use it!

Posted: 30-05-12 18:23 by Connor

yeah good idea :)

Posted: 30-05-12 18:41 by Nuha

I would definately use this if such a feature was added :)

Posted: 30-05-12 19:12 by Holly

Its a really good idea, another way to revise, however, before a video is posted publicly, I think the GR team should check it , just incase it is inappropriate.

Posted: 31-05-12 16:47 by Meghna

I'm with Meghna on this one :)

Posted: 02-06-12 18:07 by Neon

Yes the videos would definitely have to be moderated, but i suppose there could be a 'fun' section on the website where people could use the video maker to make entertaining and funny videos; something different from revising! :D

Posted: 07-06-12 22:14 by Connor