Vegetarian Meals

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My friend recently turned vegetarian but she's struggling for ideas on what to eat. She keeps eating pasta and potatoes but now her mum's saying that she needs more protein. Can anyone think of any meals/tips for me to pass on to her please?? I'd really appreciate it :) x

Posted: 30-05-11 08:11 by Nicole

things like beans and pulses have all the amino acids that you need and are really good for you, also things like alternative proteins like tofu, quorn etc or maybe try making things with pita bread or flat bread or rice or risotto type things this site might have some good recipes
i dont know if this is any help or not but i hope it is :)

Posted: 30-05-11 20:25 by Lauren Jade Tutchener

I'll tell her this, dunno what she'll say 'cause she's fussy but I really apprieciate it even if she won't lol. Thankyou :) x

Posted: 31-05-11 21:20 by Nicole

To be frank, one must turn vegetarian according to the place where they are residing. If she is in a colder region, i would suggest that she takes some amount of eggs or milk at least instead of going all vegetables. But even in vegetarian dishes one can get good source of protein although not equivalent to milk or meat in pulses, soy, dry fruits, tofu etc. You can get more idea from here.

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Posted: 28-11-11 07:22 by Madison Lee

Aww, thankyou that was really helpful of you! :D x

Posted: 29-11-11 17:06 by Nicole