Useful resources for chemistry :D

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on this forum i thought it would be good if we listed good resources that we found on this subject, i thought this would be a good idea as i find this the hardest topic out of all my subjects and would like to help other people with the useful resources i have found :D

Posted: 14-10-10 20:57 by alex

The AQA website, i find doing past papers help highlight what your weaknesses are and what you should concentrate on

Posted: 17-10-10 15:24 by sk

For chemistry revision, I mainly use the CGP revision guides. I basicaly read through the page and make giant spider diagrams on A3 pieces of paper, then after that, I condense it into a collection of words, of which trigger what I leant! :)

Posted: 29-12-10 12:18 by Emma Brookes

i found this very useful website that really helps,

it gives different methods of revising,

i am now using it and it works!!!!!!!

Posted: 30-12-10 09:49 by Imi

CGP Guides plus checklists are my best way of revisins I think.

I find that the textbook my school gave us is reallly wishy-washy. It just chats a load of rubbish and doesn't actually just say what you need to know. The CGP Guides are a godsend, cause it's just there in a heading or in a little green box. I also love the little photos with the jokes under them, I'm a sucker for cheesy jokes :D

But yeah, I just get an a4 excersise book from school and then write out what the bulletpoints say I need to know, and then do the questions at the bottom of the revision guide pages. Then I get some revision cards if I have time and condense each page of my book down.

Posted: 26-01-11 02:06 by Courtney

I use the Letts and Lonsdale revision guides and the OCR textbooks. Both of them are really helpful. I like the Letts and Lonsdale complete study guides as they are detailed but not too much to take in.

I've tried doing past papers but it just gets too boring after a while. Revision cards and study guides help me the most.

Posted: 27-01-11 12:23 by becca

I use the AQA science books, i also study for 30 mins then go on facebook or something for 10 then go back to study for 30mins.l I also like to listen to music, my teachers said this will help so i tried it and i work best this way. i also go through the revision guides and make notes then answer the questions if stuck on something i use the textbook to read in full detail. Also past papers are good

Posted: 23-02-11 17:42 by Chloe-may