Urgent Extended Holiday Leave..

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Hi !

This is kind of urgent.. my gran is seriously ill back home.. and my parents and my lil bro are going bak home to visit her asap.. i aint goin coz im obv doin my gcse so i didnt agree to go.. but i need to write a letter for my lil bro.. i dont know what to include..can someone help me please ?

Posted: 29-10-12 18:33 by ? Secret - Team GR

Hi, im really sorry to hear the news! I think the important things that you'll need to include are :

- Whats happened- So he needs to go , remember 2 include its an emergency 

- How long he's going for , how much of his schooling he's going to miss

Thats all really . Just be straight to the point , i think you will probably need to say his grandma;s ill and he NEEDS to go with his mum for example , there will be no one to look after him.. and yeah thats about it 

Hope i helped :)

Posted: 29-10-12 19:02 by SciTech

Thanks SciTech.. 

I will write a draft and then try and put it here..ill just mark "***" - the personal data..

the only annoying thing, is that our school think that our gran being ill is just an excuse to go on family holiday.. if only the stupid skool understood wat were going through..

Posted: 29-10-12 19:08 by ? Secret - Team GR

awww.... Yeah i think you should put it up .. and then see what suggestions everyone comes up with. I will try and come up with more ideas because right now i have a BANGING headache and cant think properly but i will try! and keep me updated on what happens! all the best!

Posted: 29-10-12 19:21 by SciTech

Aw its okay, thanks for your help though..SciTech .. should i mention the fact that she's in a critial conditions, she's not even in her senses .. actually give me bwt 10 mins.. ill type it up noww..

Posted: 29-10-12 21:11 by ? Secret - Team GR

Dear Ms ***,

I regret to inform you, that my son *** is going Bangladesh on Monday 05th November due to unforeseen circumstances. He will return to school on Tuesday 20th November. His gran is seriously ill; she is not even in her senses. I understand my son is in an important year where his education is at most vital, but this is an emergency and we need to support our family back home. My husband's family in Bangladesh, have illnesess of their own let alone the own children to look after and then his gran. Therefore, my husband has booked tickets as we need to give all the support possible. I hope you appreciate this difficult situation and accept our apology for this sudden news. 

Does this sound tooo desperate ? Any feedback / tips would be useful

*** mother

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Posted: 29-10-12 21:27 by ? Secret - Team GR

I think that its really good worded and structured but i think you should delete the bit about where they can't look after themselves. I think , its up to you , if you want to keep it in feel free but i think its kind of going of the edge abit by going into too much detail about the family, and how theyr'e not coping , if u understand what i mean. So yeah hope that helped!

Posted: 29-10-12 22:45 by SciTech

okay.. thank youuuuuuuuuu soo much SciTech !!! ...x

Posted: 30-10-12 11:16 by ? Secret - Team GR