URGENT- Does anyone know what the comparison question was on the June 2012 AQA higher paper-relationships?

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Does anyone know which questions were on the June 2012 higher paper AQA for the relationships cluster- thanks

Also, did anyone sit the exam? how did you revise and did it help you to do well- thanks

Posted Mon 26th November, 2012 @ 19:05 by Sally

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Yep, I did that exam.

It was In Paris With You or Quickdraw and Praise Song for My Mother.

I chose Praise Song and compared it to Harmonium.

I know that foundation tier did Ghazal, I'm not sure what the other one was.

There's videos from youtube that I found have really helped, they've been made by a teacher, mrbruff(not me). There's also loooads of resources like past papers and mark schemes on my profile.

You should find key quotations for each poem, write down a few analysis points for them and then link them to something else.

One poem at a time, connect to to any other poems possible and write a few points on how they are linked.

Different interpretations of quotes will get you a good mark, too! You must also literally litter your ALAALs with tonnnes of embedding-lots of quotes.

I got an A* in the end, I was really happy! Revision did really help, actually.

Answered Sat 29th December, 2012 @ 00:52 by EstherTheBunny
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I didn' do relationships but we did character and voice. I reccomend you to watch these videos. Really came in handy for me. http://www.youtube.com/user/WCSEnglish/videos?view=0

Answered Wed 19th December, 2012 @ 22:53 by ax5za