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Each box of Reblochon cheese costs 3.10 Swiss francs.  It weighs 160g. In England,  box of Reblochon cheese costs £13.55 per kg. The exhange rate is £1= 1.65 swiss francs.  work out whether reblochon cheese is better value for money in switzerland or in england. 

Posted Tue 5th June, 2012 @ 14:29 by Ameenah:)
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£1 - 1.65 swiss francs so 1 swiss francs = £1/1.65 = £0.61     so 3.10*0.61 = £1.88 for a box of Reblochon cheese in Switzerland.  Then 1000g/160 = 6.25 boxes in 1kg so 6.25*1.88=£11.75 for the same mass of cheese. So therefore Switzerland is cheaper than England for Reblochon cheese.

Answered Tue 5th June, 2012 @ 14:55 by joey
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In Switzerland you would get 160g for 3.10 Swiss francs, so you would get 160g for 3.1/1.65 pounds which means £1.88. This means for 1kg=1000g you would have to pay the equivalent to 1000/160 x 1.88= £11.75.

So for 1kg of cheese in Switzerland you would have to pay £11.75 and in England you would have to pay £13.55. Since 11.25<13.55 it is cheaper in Switzerland so it is better value for money In Switzerland.

Hope that helped ^_^

Answered Tue 5th June, 2012 @ 14:57 by Nuha
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Firstly i worked out how much does i kilo cost in switzerland by doin the following calculation:

3.1 francs = 160g

3.1/160   =  1g

3.1/160 X 1000 = 1000g or 1 kg

this comes to around 19.375 francs!!

Next u want to convert the francs into pound sterling by doin this calculation:

£1  = 1.65 francs

      if we have 19.375 francs wot did we multiply 1.65 to get 19.375. To work out this multiplier u do 19.375/1.65  and that answer multiplied by £1 = ~£11.75

Then just look which one is cheaper and then u come to a conclusion that the box in switzerland is cheaper then in England!! Hope i helped!

Answered Tue 5th June, 2012 @ 15:18 by Braniac
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Omg thanks for the reply guys! :) 

Answered Tue 5th June, 2012 @ 17:00 by Ameenah:)
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Do any of mind giving your email address so I can ask about another Maths question. There's a lot of data in it unless it's possible to upload a screenshot on here? 

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yh i dont mind, email me at [email protected] ===> i might take sum time to answer if i get it but ill try n get back as soon as possible =D

Answered Tue 5th June, 2012 @ 20:08 by Braniac