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I can't believe it is over ...

How did everyone find it?

I think the first paper was easier - I was struggling with time on the second one!?

Love Me!

Posted: 11-06-09 17:09 by Louise Kingham

Have you got notes for unit 1 or 2 Examples and tht ??

Posted: 25-04-10 11:21 by iturhs

Yeah I do ... what do you want?


Posted: 25-04-10 14:10 by Louise Kingham

I am in Year 11 and I love history and want to take it for A level.

Should I do Gov and Pol? Tell me a little about the course please!

Posted: 14-01-11 21:02 by Rebecca


if you enjoyed history, im sure you will enjoy politics. I'm currently doing the AS, and alhough it is REALLY challenging, it can be a lot of fun. you must be prepared to work so hard, and do lots of background research, like watching the news, reading the papers, etc.

so ive done: pressure groups, political parties, voting behaviour, electoral systems, the EU, the judiciary, the constitution, the executive

its a good course- i got an A in my january exam- and enjoyable, if you have the right attitude :)

Posted: 20-03-11 13:58 by Corrie