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What is it exactly that we need to know from this chapter for the exam? A lot of it seems very 'practical' and will be tested in our Practical Assessments, but what theory will we be asked in the exam? Facer is very wordy and our teacher finished the chapter very quickly, which leads me to think a lot of it is unnecessary?


Posted Thu 28th February, 2013 @ 15:38 by Charlotte Symonds

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Apparently you have to know the basic reactions of the batteries, breathalysers and fuel cell, you also need to know the advantages and disadvatages of hydrogen and ethanol fuel cells and which is more effiecient.

You need to know how to make calculations and how to find out whether a reaction is feasible or not, the effects of altering conditions on feasibility or the potential difference.

Ofcourse you need o know about REDOX, how to work out the oxidation numbers and stuff, oxiding and reducing agents the definiions and compare strengths.

Colours of vanadium ions should be known.

Lots of definitions. Half-cell, SHE, standard electrode poential, redox, half-reaction, O.N..

You need to know how to calculate uncertainties and their implications on the validity and accuracy of your results. This would include not being sure of what the identity of an element is if results were obtained through experiments.

Answered Sun 14th April, 2013 @ 23:45 by Sherin