Unit 2 - Mitosis and other stuff

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Right Lauren think we should do this for our resit :)



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Urm cell replication

Posted: 02-01-10 21:54 by Banisha Nayyar

i'll start by Mitosis

Okay so Interphase

Briefly.. G1 phase - organelles are replicated i think

S phase - DNA replicated

And then G2 phase - its like a checkpoint..so checks for damaged DNA and stuff before it moves into Mitosis..

Right Mitosis 5 phases.. ish.. nice and short

Prophase - chromatin condenses into chromosomes... urm nuclear envelope disapears..

Metaphase - spindle fibres form and chromosomes start to align in the midde

Anaphase - spindle fibres attach on to the centromeres and contract, pulls chromosomes apart and chromotids go to oppisite sides

Telophase - spindle fibres disappear, urm then you kind of like have cytokinesis 2 daughter cells start to form la la

Posted: 02-01-10 22:25 by Banisha Nayyar

G1 phase is normal cell activity int it and

S is that it is preparing for the split by sorting things out and wouldnt

G2 be that the cell is meking cheks to make sure everything is right for when the cell splits like no mutations and what not?
i no i dont do this but the G1 phase n S phase dint look right

Posted: 03-01-10 17:25 by Robert Austick

OMG. I'm going to FAIL. lol.


Erm..well thennn...

It starts with DNA replication like Mitosis but then goes on to divide again. Meiosis produces 4 haploid daughter cells rather than the 2 produced by mitosis.

(By the way, as you can probably tell my knowledge of this subject is lacking. Stupid lack of effort at AS to blame there. Matty knows what I'm talking about :P)

I fail at life.


Posted: 04-01-10 19:17 by Lauren Carry