UNIT11 -R.S.-HAJJ!HELP--my exams today,sort of urgent!?!!!!!!!

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STEPS OF HAJJ---AND THE SIGNIFICANCE OF HAJJ e.g. significance of makkah,arfat,mina,muzdalifah/???..........PLEASE HELP!


Posted Wed 30th May, 2012 @ 21:35 by anonymous
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day one:

ghusl - ritual wash

tawaf 7x round kabah

sa'y between safa and mawah and visit zamzam well

camp at mina

day 2:

waquf on plain of arafat

go to muzadalifa to collect pebbles

day 3:

stone pillars and mina

cut hair

finish hajj

Answered Thu 31st May, 2012 @ 12:00 by lol
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5 pillars= ibadah and fard (act of worship, compulsary)

muhammad did it (perfect example of human)

helps get to paridise

strengthen ummah (community of muslims)

Answered Thu 31st May, 2012 @ 12:01 by lol
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what did u get in the exam??

i got my results... :)

Answered Wed 12th September, 2012 @ 18:45 by Miss-know-it-all <3