Tuition Fees

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I know you may think that this has nothing to do with chemistry, but it actually does!

Chemistry is one of the hardest A level subjects and it is needed for people who would like to have a high paid job (doctor, dentist etc..)

so why are they discouraging students to go to University by bringing the tuition fees high!?

1 in 3 people have dropped out of higher education (a levels and college) because of the EMA cut.

tell me what you think people...

Posted: 26-01-11 10:48 by S...Ali

true, they shouldn't thave done that. coz if less people strart going to uni then there'll be less employed people or people with low paid jobs and so more poverty and then the country will be in a worst state!!!!

Posted: 26-01-11 14:50 by Bushra Hasan

Exactly my point

Posted: 27-01-11 10:04 by S...Ali

yeah they shouldn't have raised the tuition fee to a maxiumum of £9000 they should have cut it by one thousand atleast. and exactly

less grads = less highly paid jobs = more strikes + violence on the streets.

 i thought it was also almost free speach but oviously not when people cannot protest for simple human rights to a good education and a better wellfare in the future. With the average life expectancy now going a few years over a hundred and the retirement age going up then people need better jobs in better conditions to earn enough revenue while they are living. The more qualifications the better now.

I just watched a nice day for a greek wedding, a man aged 75 had to go back into work to earn a couple of thousand to see his daughter getting married. how sad is that?

the EMA was aimed at students so that they would stay in education. EMA cuts completly shows that people will not carry on because of a simple lack of money which the government and greedy MP' have spent and messed up.

Posted: 26-04-11 20:33 by Hayley


Posted: 27-04-11 12:52 by Tokunbo


Posted: 27-04-11 14:56 by Hayley