Troubles with job

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Hi friends, who from this forum can help you find a job in the field of cleaning. I left the last company because the employer did not even provide insurance there. 

I have already submitted my resume to various sites, but until no one will apply for a job ((

If you know of any vacancies then write directly here, I will be very glad to hear any tips)

Posted: 26-03-20 19:11 by JoshFerguson

Bad that this happened, but I think you do not help with the work of the forum. It should apply to specialized firms or leave your resume on sites with job search. It may take a long time, but it's worth it.

Posted: 27-03-20 16:50 by MayaWilson

Don't be sad, finding a job is a long process, but it always leads to success. In another forum I saw that this company is looking for employees. They provide cleaning services for private and commercial real estate.

You can try writing them)

Posted: 29-03-20 14:08 by Gabi20_Johnson20

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Posted: 10-05-20 17:41 by Smailed12528

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Posted: 16-05-20 21:32 by Simon3321

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Posted: 16-05-20 21:36 by Marinella