tripple science: biology microorganisms?

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Do we need to know the fermentation processes for yoghurt and of sauce of by heart ?

Posted: 01-01-11 22:09 by Emma Brookes

yes i think we do, as it is in the revision guide :)

Posted: 02-01-11 12:55 by Rachel

I'm not sure, but if you go onto my page, I have typed them both up including the name of the bacterium :) please rate and comment ! :) x Hope they are handy

Posted: 02-01-11 13:26 by Emma Brookes

ok i will and thanks :)

Posted: 03-01-11 18:49 by Rachel

I did the unit 3 exam which has microorganisms in last thursday ..i thought it was hard but i think i passsed :)

Posted: 15-01-11 16:02 by Kathryn

You definately need to know the methods. I think it's seriously random, personally. Make sure you know them in detail, they're likely to come up in the exam! :)

Posted: 11-02-11 21:38 by tasha

u need to know

Posted: 01-03-11 13:53 by Bella

Im not even started B6- any tips please xxxx

Posted: 08-04-11 14:54 by steph ashby

For yoghurt yes, but not for sauce. It doesnt have to be too in depth though, don't worry! You need to know about alcohol too :)

Posted: 12-04-11 19:29 by Little Miss Chatterbox

If this is AQA, my revision guide says you should know yoghurt, cheese, bread and alcohol

Posted: 16-04-11 20:29 by Hannah

As long as you know the basics of fermentation and how it works you should be ok. Although I would advise that you read the part of the textbook about making yoghurt, cheese, bread and alcohol because a question might be explain how one of these are made and they can be worth quite a few marks.

Posted: 18-04-11 16:44 by Hannah Ralphs

I think you do.

I have done a few practice papers on triple biology and the microbiology questions are definitely the hardest so my plan is to learn everything about that from revision guide because it's about applying your knowledge really I think.

Posted: 27-04-11 18:29 by izzzzzz