Trial before subscribing

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Before we all got the march subscriptions, I didn't know how good the subscriptions were. It would be good if new members or even existing members could get a 7 day trial for free, so they could try out the features so that they would know if they wanted to subscribe or not. They should just get one chance to have the trial so they can see what it's like.

Posted: 19-05-13 15:18 by Tilly - Team GR

thats a good idea

Posted: 21-05-13 15:42 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

yeah I agree, because I joined during it and it was definately helpful to see what it would be like so maybe new members would be able to get a free trial of like 7 days :)

Posted: 24-05-13 21:19 by Lucy :)