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Can any one that is doing geography at any level, (i'm doing GCSE) tell me what the multiplier effect is when refering to mass tourism and the benefits it has on an area.


Posted: 05-04-11 10:09 by underscore_94

mate, are you starting?

Posted: 05-04-11 11:57 by Alex

what do you mean am i starting

Posted: 05-04-11 12:35 by underscore_94

Basically, the multiplier effect is this:

  1. A tourist travels to a country and buys something (trousers, for example)
  2. Then, the person who sold the trousers has more money to spend on something else (an ipod, for example)
  3. And then the person who sold the ipod has more money to spend on something more expensive and with a higher tax percentage..
  4. This process continues..
  5. Then the area becomes more economically developed because the area has more money to spend on buildings and tourist services..
  6. The area becomes more popular for tourists, and they will spend more money there..

Is this clear enough, or shall I explain it another way?


Posted: 10-04-11 20:37 by Danae Josephine