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i was just thinking at the end of yr 11 i'll b having so many tests i no i can start revising early and all but usually unless i revise last minute i struggle to remember some stuff what can i do to make sure i can remember all without last minute revision!!!!!!

Posted: 18-02-13 16:18 by Darlene

You need to be able to transfer short term knowledge (what you revise and learn in class) to your long term memory. In order to do this you need to repeat. So if you make a plan, learn all of your topics, then go back over them and learn them again. each time you will pick up things you missed the last time, as well as going back over the stuff you already knew. Then if you have time go over it again, and so you cement your knowledge into your long term memory. This means you will learn more effectively. 

But you have to make your revision interesting, so that you will want to learn it better. Leaving things to the last minute means you won't get time to transfer this knowledge into long term. Although it is good to refresh your memory the day before the exam. 

The best way to transfer your knowledge into your long term memory is to use a range of techniques. So revise the information in a different way each time, so that you learn it better. 

Also use the 'little and often' method. Do like 20/30 minutes and have a break, and then test yourself on the previous work. Check you understand it all, then move on to the next topic/subject.

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Posted: 18-02-13 16:34 by Tilly - Team GR

thanks that really helps.

Posted: 20-02-13 15:22 by Darlene

that;s ok :) glad i could help.

Posted: 20-02-13 19:11 by Tilly - Team GR