To everybody :) Khan Academy

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My physics lessons in year 10 was very tough because our school had basically no physics teacher to teach us physics.. fortunately now in year 11 ive got an okay physics teacher but obviously we missed a year of learning.. so i am struggling a lot in pyhsics..

so i have started watchin a few videos on khan academy for support.. and they actually explain everything in so much detail.. and its really simple and easy to understand.. so anyone who needs help with physics i strongly suggest khan academy..

good luck !!!!!!!!

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Posted: 14-09-12 21:45 by ? Secret - Team GR

oh yh heres the link iof anybody needs it

Posted: 14-09-12 21:48 by ? Secret - Team GR

...i know khanacademy is soo cool, better than my physics teacher

Posted: 16-09-12 21:42 by ELectrica!

lool thats so true :)

Posted: 17-09-12 16:57 by ? Secret - Team GR

This got me through gcses and will now get me through a level i strongly reccomend

Posted: 17-09-12 20:36 by SamOye