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I need new ways to study...


Posted: 03-03-13 12:24 by Rabiya

I find that making mindmaps of key topics is really helpful - you can summarise key points that you need to know without drowning in notes. Also, podcasts of notes are good - read you notes into a mic or dictaphone, and then you can listen to them on the bus, walking home or when your bored?! Hope this helps!

Posted: 03-03-13 14:46 by Natasha

it does utterly depend on what works for you but i find the two ways that work best for me are reading my notes and then rewriting them in bullet point form, sounds like hard work but it works for me, also past papers half of exam success is being able to understand and answer the questions in the correct way so practice helps, also highlighting key words and points in the bullet point notes helps to cause you read over the information again. however, i also find that rewriting the bullet point notes i previously made again on here in the form of notes and revision cards often helps too, that way you are going over the same information 3 times. i occasionly use mindmaps but i usually find i can never summarise the information enough to fit it all on, but it is down to how you revise best, everyone revisies in different ways

Posted: 03-03-13 14:56 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

For people who don't necessarily like writing pages and pages out, I would recommend to read revision guides and discuss them to a friend or a classmate, you know just talk about it to gain an understanding of the topic. I also agree on podcasts, record yourself saying key information and listen to it in your free time.

Posted: 04-03-13 14:22 by Tania

-do lots of pastpapers

-write revision notes cos you're engaging with what you're learning

-note down any markscheme definitions and add them to your notes (cos if they come up again in the exam - you'll be getting free marks)

-don't leave room for uncertainty

-use the syllabus to revise -> i find most papers do stick to asking questions off their syllabus. It helps make sure you don't learn too much extra **** (that's never a bad thing though).

and finally...

CHECK MY PAGE => cgpwned. lol.

Posted: 05-03-13 23:27 by cgpwned

Hi, I would suggest first you find a learning style. It may be that you remember things better a certain way, I obviously don't know yours so you could try some ofthe below:

·Creative Style. Creating posters, mind maps, flash cards, etc.

· Audio or technology style. Watching films or listening to clips, etc.

· Reading style. Reading books or revision notes/guides.

Be creative..... You don't have to do the normal.

Posted: 07-03-13 19:17 by .soph.

I advise u 2 use flash cards, do mindmaps, go on revision sites but watch more videos if ur not a writing or reading styled person. Also you shud do past papers the new 1s they r very usefful!! :D

Posted: 11-03-13 21:02 by munaibaraja

What I find helps me the most is testing others because even if they don't have a clue by correcting them I subconsciously remember myself :) so it can help your friends who are also sitting the exam or just enlighten your family :D but it can be hard to convince then to help if they don't have clue - as I know from my little sister :D

Posted: 12-03-13 13:23 by Lucy :)

Powerpoints, bullet point notes, movie maker, animations, filming yourself explaining something and watching it back, mind maps, whiteboard (good for maths and science), highlighting, learning keywords,

Posted: 12-03-13 15:27 by Tilly - Team GR

Try using the textbook method? try making notes in a way that anyone reading them could understand fully, i.e. like a textbook.

Posted: 16-03-13 11:46 by Moon

When revising always treat yourself with fn, educational teats. Dont always 'read' or write... try Singing, drawing, creating, videomaking etc. its a lot more fun and memorable! believe me:) 

Posted: 22-03-13 17:32 by Saarah