Tips for F211?

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Hey Guys,

For various reasons, i ended up missing the F211 exam and will be doing it in the summer.

Any words of wisdom people could give so i can start preparing now as im gonna start revision with my teacher this week


Posted: 25-01-10 12:50 by ahtnamaS

1. Learn the text book - which one are you using? I recommend this as it contains all the stuff you need:

2. Check that you have understood all the learning outcomes from the textbook and can answer them.

3. Do ALL past papers available.

4. Start revising EARLY, do not leave revision to the last minute you will regret it.

and also have breaks during revision!

Hope this helps.


Posted: 02-02-10 20:31 by Jhyzone

learn your work on the day you get it theres no point memorising it if u dont understand it

Posted: 04-04-11 09:53 by Sbegum