Three Gorges Dam

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I'm supposed to do a project on the Three Gorges Dam in China. I need things such as Enviromental impact, advantages & disadvantages and economy. However, I am finding it seemingly difficult to find the correct information that I need. I have had a look at Wikipedia, which is a starting point, but I realise that I cannot just copy and paste. Does anyone have any good sources/website suggestions?

Posted: 26-01-11 19:59 by Hazza

I would suggest buying a geography AS revision guide it has different case studies inside them and one of them is the 3 gorges dam in china. With all the information about it inside like advantages disadvantages etc

Posted: 08-04-11 12:12 by Emilio Ward

I've located this website:

Hope it helps!! :D It seems to have a lot of info which should help x

Posted: 18-04-11 14:14 by Emma

hi, thanks to both of you...that's really helpful!

Posted: 18-04-11 18:03 by Hazza

thats okay :)

Posted: 19-04-11 15:34 by Emma


erm, my teacher reccommended a pretty decent youtube video for us to get some extra information after doing our case study. i think it was called "un-gorgeous dam" or something similar to that.

i'd also check out all the different GCSE and AS revision websites because the dam is quite a popular case study in geography!

hope i helped!! :)

Posted: 21-04-11 22:24 by Charlotte

thanks for everyones contributions! they really helped and I got an A+ !!!! YAY! Thanks again!

Posted: 30-04-11 01:00 by Hazza