this room?

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what is it actually about?

Posted: 12-05-11 20:03 by tina hurdman


Posted: 12-05-11 21:47 by ZAZO

anybody else know?

Posted: 15-05-11 14:52 by tina hurdman

this room is a poem by Imtiaz Dharka. The room is an extended metaphor. It is a poem about freedom, with noone judging you, look on google for more info :)

Posted: 15-05-11 15:35 by Kavita :)

thank you 

Posted: 17-05-11 20:45 by tina hurdman

This room is a metaphor for a change in some ones life it can be any change such as changing school or living in a different country. So the poem is universal as it can relate to a change any one is experiencing this is highlighted by the fact the poet on uses the first person pronoun in the final stanza in order to show that the poem is not just about her own experiences but any audiences ** :)

Posted: 19-05-11 18:59 by Lydia

thank you 

Posted: 19-05-11 19:09 by tina hurdman